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日期 : 2021-05-09

易灸灸 Easy Moxibustion 艾草

What is Moxibustion?

It can be used as a way to prevent, treat and maintain health. With the progress of human civilization and medicine, people find that Ai has a lot of benefits for human body. So people crush it and then consolidate it together and smoke it in the form of heating.


It can play the role of removing dampness, removing cold and fixing the root, so that the whole body circulates upward.

颈椎病 Cervical spondylopathy

肩周炎 Scapulohumeral periarthritis

网球肘 Tennis elbow

落枕 Stiff neck

腰痛 Lumbago

腰椎病 Lumbar spondylosis

腰椎间盘突出 Lumbar disc protrusion

坐骨神经痛 sciatica

跌打损伤 Traumatic injury

膝关节痛 knee joint pain

关节炎 Arthritis

骨膜炎 Periostitis

骨质增生 Hyperosteogeny

踝关节痛Ankle pain

睡眠问题 Sleep Problems

And many more!

艾草的功效和渗透力 Effectiveness and Permeability of Mugwort:

  1. 七年的艾草 Seven years of Argy wormwood

  2. 上火山灰 Upper volcanic ash

  3. 能量砭石 Energy stone

  4. 纳米红外技术组成发热包 Composition of Heating Pack by Nano-Infrared Technology

  5. 长达8小时的恒温催化 8-hour isothermal catalysis

  6. 直接渗透到病源 Direct infiltration into the source of disease

  7. 七年的功效才能将功效发挥到极致,真正做到正本清源,不是所有的艾灸都是熟灸 Only after seven years of efficacy can the efficacy be brought into full play and the original and clean source be truly achieved. Not all moxibustion is ripe moxibustion.

Every Packet comes with 精油 Essential Oil!

  1. Essential oils have a molecular size of 1/60 of normal molecules, which is very easy to penetrate. With the help of heat, they can reach the dermis in 3-5 minutes, forming transdermal absorption and dredging channels and collaterals.
  1. Essential oil contains many ingredients of enlightening and dredging collaterals, which can quickly open acupoints and pore and help thermal penetration.
  1. Essential oils are formulated in a variety of ways and can be used in a wider range of diseases.