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Honda Wave 125X for Sell

新旧 : 二手
日期 : 2021-08-23

注册日期Registration date 22/06/2009

拥车证有效期至COE expiry date 21/06/2029

陆税有效期至Road tax expired 21/06/2022

7月刚换了一些零件Jul 21 change new magnetic coil, Retifer Gasket and Eo

7月刚喷新的珍珠白漆New paint pearl white

7月刚换了一些新粘子New Sticker

5月刚换了新轮胎Tyre change new on May 21

新车头灯New front light

每2千里数定期换黑油Regular Servicing Every 2000km

整体照顾到很好Accident Free and well maintain

卖价Price asking $7,500.00 (可谈)

寻找认真的买家Looking for serious buyer

有兴趣请联络张先生If interested, please Call or WhatsApp 82479694

Winnie Wong