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日期 : 2022-04-11
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请用WhatsApp:80396684联系,通常上班不能及时回复请谅解。原价580新币现在便宜出售150新币注意不议价。车况良好,可以上班通勤,外出正常骑行,假期折叠搭地铁骑行,可在YISHUN地铁站看车,二手精品20寸大齿轮盘折叠自行车台湾品牌RENO,新的脚踏,前后碟刹!前后20寸建大正品20*1.95(超厚 宽)轮胎,后8速,台湾微转的变速器,随车有后车架(可承重50KG),前后大包覆挡泥板(雨天骑行不会溅一身),随车尾包(可以完美的固定在后车架上),前后防水永磁铁自发电警示灯(不需要电池,只要骑行就会发亮都是红色的),铃铛,手机支架也有,两个车座可以自行更换,送一个新的自行车遮雨罩,送车锁两个一个大的链条锁一个小锁,送一小瓶润滑油,送打气筒。注意交易完成后不退款,不退车(请当面查看好)。

The original price of S $580 is now sold at a low price of S $150. Be careful not to negotiate. The car is in good condition. You can commute to work and ride normally. You can fold and ride the subway during holidays. You can see the car at Yishun subway station. Second hand boutique 20 inch large gear disc folding bicycle, Taiwan brand Reno, new pedal, front and rear disc brakes! Front and rear 20 inch genuine 20 * 1.95 (extra thick and wide) tires, rear 8-speed, Taiwan micro rotating transmission, rear frame (capable of bearing 50kg), front and rear large coated fenders (not splashing when riding in rainy days), rear bag (can be perfectly fixed on the rear frame), front and rear waterproof permanent magnet self generating warning lights (without battery, they will light up when riding), bells and mobile phone supports, The two seats can be replaced by themselves. Send a new bicycle rain cover, a small bottle of lubricating oil and an air pump. Note that there is no refund or return after the transaction is completed (please check it face to face).Two car delivery locks, one large chain lock and one small lock

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