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日期 : 2021-03-19
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电脑维修重新装系统, 检查电脑软件,硬件故障,维修等等,注意维修的硬件我要从中国发货所以时间有点长,到我这里免费检查故障,出售各种系统光碟,usb系统u盘,电脑硬盘,usb无线网卡,笔记本内存条等,制作系统盘,组装台式电脑配件 ,上门维修如果远需要加15元附近的只要8元 ,夜里超过12点需要加打车费,我在巴西立 地铁站 短信不回的情况加whatsapp 81669220

有需要的联系我,微信wangkun7573 注意3000新币以上的电脑需要告诉我详细资料

Sell ​​desktop computers, computer maintenance, reinstall the system, check computer software, hardware failures, repairs, etc. Pay attention to the repaired hardware. I have to ship them from China, so it takes a long time to come to me to check the failure for free, sell various system discs, usb System u disk, computer hard disk, usb wireless network card, notebook memory bar, etc., making system disk, assembling desktop computer accessories, home repair If you need to add 15 yuan in the vicinity, as long as 8 yuan, more than 12 o'clock at night need to add a taxi fee, I Contact me if necessary at Pasir Ris MRT Pasir Ris, WeChat wangkun7573